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The KMCS Construction activity focuses basically on the development of all types of Civil Works and Building infrastructures, carried out through an extensive group of companies, with Dragados being the lead company in the area.


KMCS is involved in the construction of roads, dams, bridges, pipelines, public utility buildings and offers services like toll collections, maintenance of highways etc.KMCS has executed major projects of over years across segments including buildings, road/highways, bridges, pipelines etc.

WHY choose US ?

At the root of our passion for quality is a deeply felt pride in the work we do.
It’s a pride that extends throughout our entire company and encompasses the smallest detail. To us, construction is not only about management – it’s also about craftsmanship.
Our values underpin everything that we do:

  • Act responsibly with respect, integrity and trust
  • Listen and communicate effectively
  • Inspire, empower, support and care
  • Build lasting partnerships
  • Deliver quality, working innovatively and safely


    The success of the Group’s performance is based on an efficient organization and a dynamic and entrepreneurial management, implemented through successive processes of mergers, takeovers and strategic plans committedto client’s satisfaction as well as to maximizing profitability for SI shareholders.